Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Rule of Four

Back to Blogging ! The unrelenting stupidity of the end-of-quarter stress about a month ago had sucked the mojo out of moi, and I spent a majority of my winter break trying to regain it by hibernating. It's time to get it back, post by post.

How was y'all's n'year? Mine was spent in almost exactly the same way as the past two years - working on application essays :-) Only this time, there weren't my own. I was helping a couple of friends (and wasn't too much of help to a third one - you know who you are!), and realized that I've become somewhat of a maestro at offering up free advice. Correction. Offering up free advice and sounding like I know what the hell I'm talking about. The amazed you-da-man looks on their faces have convinced me that I may yet have a career in consulting.

Talking of careers (and that's all I can really do at this point), we are a week or so away from this place being flooded with 'cut it with a knife' tensions. It's the start of interview season and I've heard that the zorros among us come out, swords blazing and all, ready to take down everyone else in their path to the promised lands of prized internships. I've even been told a few people break down and cry. I sure hope it doesn't turn out so bad.

I've sent in four internship applications in typical fashion, all on the dates they were due. One with no cover letter (though it was required), one more with no cover letter (hey, they didn't say they needed one), and two past the deadline (hey, but I wrote you guys a cover letter!). I'm sticking with four. That's the number of schools I applied to the second time also ! Maybe there's a lucky number thing going on? Further validation - Just like with my applications, I got a ding from the first firm :-) The second one invited me to interview ! The other two are probably still wondering why I didn't stick to a you-the-best cover letter but was telling stories. I'm sure they'll at least get a kick out of it. The way I look at it, if i can bring a smile to someone's face, even in my stupidity, my job on this earth is done :-)

And, talking of applications, congratulations to those who received admit calls from Chicago GSB today! Go out and enjoy the moment, and I hope to meet with some of you over Admit Weekend and beyond. Fair warning: a year from now you'll be telling wide-eyed applicant listeners how your life was transformed on this day :-)

To those who didn't get the call today, the best with finding out the results tomorrow. I'm not plugged into the admissions center, so I don't know if they have finished making all the calls or not, but I suspect they may have missed getting to some just because of the sheer volume of communications. It ain't never over until it's over. I wish you luck.

And, finally, to those few lucky ones that this school, in its infinite wisdom, has chosen to put through the Yogi experience, hope you get some sleep :-)


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