Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The longest night of my life

I just can't sleep !

Chicago results started to trickle out today with the admissions folks calling admits. I got into work and sometime during the day I heard my cellphone beep - low battery ! so, I shut it off waiting for the first admit to be posted. Once that was announced, I turned it back on and around 4 pm it ran completely out of juice and died. turns out wakechick was in the same boat and her cellphone died on her too. so, after my meetings for the day, I got home around 6 and charged it back up - but no messages or calls. At 8:40 I heard another beep - announcing a voice mail.

Check it, and it's Kurt Ahlm, Director of Admissions at Chicago. I literally froze. But, his message had no mention of an admit or congratulations - just asked to call him back, and that he was trying to get in touch with me and that he was looking forward to talking with me. So, I called him back and got his voicemail. Turns out he had left the message around 5:30 or so my time and told me then that he was going to be sticking around for another 2 hours. He must have left by the time I called him.

So, I am now anxiously waiting for the sun to rise on a bright new day. I hope he was calling to tell me what I wanted to hear ! keeping my fingers crossed - and trying to get some sleep which is proving elusive. Have to call him back first thing tomorrow.

The story does have a kick-ass chapter though - Wakechick's been accepted to Chicago, with $$ thrown in no less. I am so happy for you WakeChick. Many Many Congratulations, this is much deserved.

Man, there are too many thoughts racing through my head right now. Need to keep it grounded until I know something for sure. The story of my life's been so interesting that anything can happen - maybe he dialled a wrong number, or they need more info, or i've been selected for a pilot program where they call the dings ... ;-)

It's going to be a long night.


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