Thursday, March 24, 2005

Phone Tag, Part Deux.

So, i stepped away from my cell phone for literally 10 minutes the first time today and come back and guess what ? A missed call from 'Unknown'. But, no indication of voice mail. Decided to check anyways. Now, I'm usually really lazy when it comes to checking voice mails and they pile up. Had to hear thru 20 of 'em today [byron, finally got the one you left me before admit weekend :-)] and there was indeed a voice mail from LBS asking me to call them back.

As thoughts of a repeat of the Chicago admit call came to mind, I checked on the boards and there was someone who just posted that s/he got a call from LBS to tell them that the application had not yet been reviewed due to a large volume of apps !!!

So I tried to call back. Turns out I can't ! I just moved to Cingular and haven't had the reason to make any international calls yet, and this service is not enabled on my phone. wtf !! I'm in Please-Hold-land even as I type.

Update: This is what I was told: Your payment history and the length of time you've been a customer with Cingular are factors which determine your eligibility for this service. Hold Again while they go check if I am eligible ...

Update 2: OK, I passed the 90-day requirement, but have an unpaid balance. Did that and then was read some rules about the service for a minute or so. It has supposedly been added. Phew. Now, I have to give it a fly.

Update 3: It works, woo hoo !!! But this time I get voice mail. :-)

Life sure is an adventure.


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