Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hasta La Bye Bye, Windy City

In the past couple of days, as a take-my-mind-off-packing-er, I've been reading Dan Brown. So, I guess that's why I'm looking for signs and their meanings. Last night, it rained. Pretty heavily. And, I was thinking back to last year, a taxi ride to Ezeiza airport in BsAs. As my friend and I left our hostel, what seemed like a clear-ish sky darkened, and then opened up. I was told then that it was a very good thing - it means that the heavens are sad to see you go and these are their tears. I'd like to think they were crying for me pretty hard last night. In any case, they did manage to postpone my cleaning up, whereupon I find myself today still here, having lunch at my favorite coffee shop, a few minutes away from leaving this fantastic city. I'm all packed and house keys have been handed over.

Officially, Homeless.

I'm not one for long goodbyes, but while Chicago will always be here, it won't ever be the same city for me when I return. My time in Chicago has been so intricately associated with my GSB experience. I will miss Chicago - it is a truly magnificent city - but I will miss so much more the people I got to get to know this city with.

OK, shut up and drive time. Next stop: Boston. 1000 miles.


Blogger Le Voyageur said...

I'll miss you PY. Even outside of the martini haze. ;)

Look forward to seeing you when you visit CA in a few months.

19 July, 2007 12:25  
Blogger Josekin said...

Homeless indeed... like me... for 2 months.

19 July, 2007 15:24  
Blogger globetrotter said...

I feel that way everytime I drive out of Chicago. It took Sinatra two attempts to do justice to the name of the city..go figure!!!
Boston ain't that bad either

19 July, 2007 23:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chicago will not be the same without you, that's for sure! We will miss you here!

20 July, 2007 10:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey PY,

good luck in boston to whereever you are headed.
May I know what's ur post-mba job ?


20 July, 2007 19:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'll miss you PY. By the way, where are you going next career wise ? industry/company/position ? Are you going to continue to blog at work to give us your perspective on post-MBA life ?

22 July, 2007 08:53  
Blogger Andrew said...

Over time I developed a theory: do something for two years, then move on and do something else.

I use this theory to describe how college and high school became a drag, and how GSB MBA was well timed.

Here's to changes :-).

23 August, 2007 16:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude...wherez the posts ?? Keep them coming. We love them.
- A fan!

15 October, 2007 15:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Poweryogi,

Would like to get in touch with you. I was the person who won the 3rd prize at the NVC in 06. Just recently came across that posting on your blog and since then have been meaning to know who you are.

Perhaps if you could send me an email at with your full name, I can look you up on the alumni directory.



28 January, 2008 02:16  
Anonymous Jeena said...

I would like to share a cup of coffe with you next time...

19 November, 2008 19:43  
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