Friday, July 06, 2007

The GSB Life That Was

I find myself with some time between sleeping nowadays and am going to do a series of posts looking back at my two years at the school. There is much to be said - should have been said during the past two years, really - and I'll try to cover decent ground over the next week or so.

Not sure if anyone still reads this blog, but this is also more of putting some finality to my experience thing. First post being typed up in a few minutes.




Blogger Josekin said...

I read this blog... from Copenhagen.

07 July, 2007 02:05  
Blogger shmoo said...

I definitely still check in but I'm about to join the above in Europe, so I'm not sure how much I'll be checking for the next two weeks.

07 July, 2007 23:42  
Blogger Satyajeet said...

RSS = "out of sight, not necessarily out of mind."

That "few minutes" has become more than 24 hours now by the way...

08 July, 2007 11:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you did not get a job out of Chicago GSB. Good luck on your job search!

08 July, 2007 12:52  
Blogger shmoo said...

Who started that rumor?

08 July, 2007 16:18  
Anonymous ben said...

Hi: Great blog here. Although you are at the end of your trip, still seems like you have excellent insight to offer.

I wanted to drop you a note about a project I am working on that you may find interesting. A few fellow business school students and I just launched a site called which is an "open" community blog by, and for, the business school community. It is somewhat of an experiment in "open" blog authorship and we think it can become a great resource for all bschoolers. If you are interested, we would very much appreciate you sharing your insight by contributing blog postings on the site - looking back on your experiences will be tremendously helpful to those of us going through the process now. Check it out:

Thanks and good luck! Feel free to contact me directly at if you'd like to discuss.


09 July, 2007 16:44  
Blogger KV said...

That's a long couple of minutes ;-)

13 July, 2007 00:45  
Blogger PowerYogi said...

OK, it's done. I guess I'm a little too out of touch from blogging - the words seem to take longer to flow. A long couple of minutes, indeed.

15 July, 2007 13:42  
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