Friday, June 15, 2007

And So, it Ends. Or Starts a New Beginning.

It's officially Official. I passed my classes! And, the Regents of the University of Chicago have, with the powers conferred on them by God Almighty and the Spirit of Rockefeller, conferred on Yours Truly the degree of Master of Business Administration. They have also, in the process, and in their own words, admitted me to a long and illustrious community of scholars. Well, nobody's perfect, ya.

The long silence on this blog has been yin-and-yang matched by a raucous final quarter. I'm really sad that it's over. So sad that I'm back on campus today hanging out in a coffee shop. (ok, i don't have internet access at home. But, also.) This is going to be a period of my life that I am going to really miss. I met some awesome people, did some cool things, found myself a great amount of time to think about some interesting subjects, enjoyed being on a truly inspirting campus in a wonderful city, and, well, lived through it all to tell some great stories.

I think I recall one of our graduation speakers telling us that we have dreams, and we have memories, and then there is the Moment. I can't say I've made all the right decisions, but I will leave this place with wonderful memories, and BIg dreams for the future. I can't suspect that anything more can be asked of this experience.

So, to the Classes of 2007 who have just graduated, Many Congratulations.


Anonymous Natasja said...

congrats dude!

16 June, 2007 02:46  
Blogger iwho said...

Congrats Yogi!!

18 June, 2007 16:22  
Blogger Josekin said...

Well said, my friend, well said.

18 June, 2007 18:32  
Anonymous the daily travails said...

woohoo! congrats, yogs. :-)

20 June, 2007 20:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats dude. -avinash

22 June, 2007 09:04  
Blogger PowerYogi said...

muchas gracias!

24 June, 2007 03:58  
Blogger The Indian Alchemist said...

Congrats..Great..All the best for your career.

27 June, 2007 05:06  
Blogger Inblue said...

congratulations and All the best for the future !

28 June, 2007 01:30  
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