Friday, March 16, 2007

So, What Happened

Thus, gently prod, Shmoo, commenting. Wait. Is this even a real sentence? It feels like it should be. Makes sense in my mind, but I'm not really sure. Kinda like every single question on a Macro final that I just finished today. Man, I so got owned. I think it's been a while since I saw a bunch of questions where I couldn't honestly say that I 'knew' the answer. I ended up trying to figure out answers that, in the end, seemed like they made sense, but. It's all mercifully over now. Just handed in my final case write-up for another class, and the finals for this quarter are done.

Yesterday, in the middle of finals week, I had another interview, this time by video conference. It was really wierd to talk staring at two screens next to each other, one of which was me. Kinda felt like the videos they shot of us doing mock interviews as part of Career Services prep when I got to the GSB. Only, it was Live this time. But, it was an interesting conversation, and I guess it went well too, according to the feedback from the recruiter. Now, it's onto to the next stage, which is basically deliberations about my case by senior management. Not entirely sure when that will fully happen, hopefully I get some news mid-next week.

Speaking of, I will be in New Orleans all of next week for spring break, working with Habitat for Humanity,. We thankfully don't leave until sunday AM, saves me the frantic running to airport right after a final that some of my classmates are having to endure. I sure can use the extra day to de-stress. I am looking forward to next week though, I've never done Habitat before, and should be an interesting experience. I am also going with a good group of people, so that in itself will add to the experience.

OK, time to sign off. I was up most of last night studying for my final, so i'm going to head back home for some shut-eye. Enjoy your break, all ye break getters.




Blogger Tanya said...

Congrats on a well done interview! If they know things - they should make the right decision:) Have Fun in New Orleans!!!!

16 March, 2007 18:50  
Blogger sorebrek said...

Well, the scrambling part wasn't nearly the worst for some of us who should in theory be in Tokyo about now, if it weren't for parts falling off the plane into Lake Mich. and we having to go through re-booking hell.

17 March, 2007 19:36  
Anonymous byron said...

Hope you're having fun in New Orleans :) I heard they had really nice weather in Chicago this week... oh well, you take what you can get, right?

Going back to the Bay Area next week for interviews.

26 March, 2007 12:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so - have u gotten a job yet or not ?

23 April, 2007 16:07  
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