Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Goodbye, Depression. Thanks for Stopping by.

I don't fancy the compulsive obsessive Me. So, it's been banished for now. To be replaced by the seriously sleep-deprived Me. And, all is well with the world.

So, if you ever get to voicemail on my phone, you'll get a message that is something along the lines of 'hey, either i'm sleeping or my phone is dead or both. please leave a message.' This AM, it was neither and i was surprised to see a message waiting. Turns out I had it on silent as I've been, well silently, sitting in a library all night. Check the message and it was about the mild-case-of-depression inducing interviews. Call back, and what do ya know - I guess I did OK! So, it's now onto the next round, which should happen sometime next week.

I guess I can say I'm relieved. But, I also realized that I'd broken one of my cardinal rules with these interviews - Play for Low Stakes. Also referred to as the Fuck-It Rule, its observance requires the utterance of the mantra - 'Fuck It' - before you walk into, say, an interview, or the GMAT, or have five hours to write a 25-page business plan. It is meant to bring you good luck. Or, for the disbelievers, it is meant to relieve stress, putting you in a more happy place, thereby resulting in better performance on these things, hence feeding into the you make your own luck thesis.

However, it is not complete by itself. (OK, i don't know why the hell I am making all this up, but I need a distraction from starting on the aforementioned 25-page plan) There is an unmentionable addendum to Fuck It: what's the worst that can happen. However, you don't want to jinx things by thinking of that pre-facto. I guess where I found myself was a place in the recruiting process where the worst that could happen was, actually, pretty bad. In playing the Low Stakes game for the past year and half, I think I find myself now at a place where the stakes are getting higher.

Maybe it's time for me to grow up and realize that? Damn, now that's a depressing thought! Ah well, Fuck It.




Blogger Satyajeet said...

Sweet. Congratulations, and good luck.:)

So isn't there a much more conventional/traditional way to state the F%#$k it? :)

"Care deeply about what you're doing without caring about the consequences"

07 March, 2007 13:59  
Blogger PowerYogi said...

why waste words, my friend. like they say, Brevity is the Soul of Wit.

07 March, 2007 14:29  
Blogger Le Voyageur said...

awesome - congrats. keeping in mind your mantra, i sincerely hope that things work out so that you'll be nearby!

07 March, 2007 14:56  
Blogger shmoo said...

Le V- he wouldn't actually be nearby. :( But that shouldn't stop us from sincerely hoping that things work out!

09 March, 2007 10:12  
Blogger Andrew said...

nice post, bro.

I have used the fuck it philosophy and it will come in very handy on finals this week.

I would argue tho that "the worst" is NOT that bad... maybe even better? every bogie can be turned yogi.

14 March, 2007 00:07  
Blogger shmoo said...

So what happened?

15 March, 2007 18:32  
Blogger Jay said...

It is great you have removed your stress very easily. I need to remove that also but I am busy in preparation of MBA assignment for SMU.


20 January, 2009 11:31  

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