Friday, January 19, 2007

Older, but Wiser?

It's that interesting time of the year, again. The first year wannabe-banker cohort is all stressed out about the recruiting dance that kicks off for them next week. I was talking with a couple of my classmates who are helping them out with mock interviews and the impression is that it's a smart class, but they aren't completely there with their 'stories' yet. They'll get them massaged just right in time. It always happens. Manifest destiny, and all that jazz.

But it's an interesting process to get there. You come up with a baseline story to sell, sorry, tell. Go to all the presentations, pick up bits and pieces and buzzwords. Start to talk the talk. Put on a spiffy suit and practice walking the walk. Do some mock interviews with second years. Get a reality check. Go back and regroup. Practice. Like this first-year girl said today, "the mirror is my friend." In more ways than one, methinks. But, I digress.

On my way back home today, I stopped by one of the campus coffee shops to get some joe. There were a couple of undergrad girls talking, and I happened to eavesdrop. Turns out one of them was talking about her own interviews.

"I am getting a double major in Physics and Statistics. And, the guy was, like, why?"
"Oh my gawd (OK, that I added for effect :). What did you say?"
"I was, like, duh, it was 'cuz of my dad."

Ah, the incorruptibility. Something very endearing about it, no?

Like they say, the problem with adults is that they are not kids.


Blogger KV said...

That's funny

29 January, 2007 00:19  
Blogger meghaks said...

Just read your ChiBus article and I couldn't agree more. I think our class is different and I don't know why -- could it be the more creative essay questions we had to tackle to get into the GSB, or could it be a fluke and just a blip in the DNA of the GSB. Whatever it is, they need to replicate it and instill some pride and sense of belonging in all the incoming classes. 4 months left... I'm going to miss it.

06 February, 2007 11:20  
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