Monday, May 29, 2006

wii will wii will rock you

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i heart youtube. and dailymotion. and google video. and revver. and vidilife. and the many video sharing sites that are God's intervention to slow down our growing productivity rate. I don't know if you've spent much time on these sites, but they are an absolute time-sink. as well as a treasure trove. i don't know which of the two was an inspiration, but a fellow student decided to consider youtube as the subject of his group's research paper for a marketing class. yup, the GSB gets it ... well, kinda. his group decided to nix it in favor of studying female viagra. come to think, the GSB does get it :)

bad jokes apart, the growth in video online is just astounding. See this chart at Google Trends for a comparison with the other social media darling, flickr. if this trend continues, the telcos might yet have to start switching on some of that dark fiber. one of the cool things about these services though is just the varied amount of content available, and stuff like tagging and embedding in people's blogs making it possible for dissemination to a much larger audience.

case in point: i came across a video on digg today for a demo from E3, the gaming mega show that was held a couple of weeks ago. for those who missed it, nintendo announced their latest console, the wiierdly named Wii. and you heard it here first - they are going to make some kind of HBS case study on this someday. of how a scrappy almost down-and-out console maker, unable to compete on technological prowess, decides to change the rules of the game. they reinvented the controller, adding motion sensing capability and a 'nunchuck' extension. i haven't seen it in person, but the pictures/videos i have seen have been super cool. like this one, where two players use their Wiimotes to play drums.

And, as I was reading through people's comments (it's the honorable thing to do, no?) I came across a link to this video of a guy hawking a Creative Labs keyboard on which he does a little drum demo. Rock and Roll, actually. it's about 2 minutes long, but wicked cool.

ok, back to work now.


Anonymous T. said...

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30 May, 2006 01:10  
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