Friday, January 20, 2006

The Time-Space Continuum

It happened for the second time in a week. I wake up. Look at the clock. 10:30. Class at 8:30. Damn.

Except, this time I was to head straight from end of class at 11:30 to the airport with some people to catch a flight out to Houston. OK, so class was blown. But, I hadn't packed. Worse, I had planned to get my laundry done before I left. Why, oh why, did I have to fall off to sleep without setting an alarm?

Actually, last week, I did set the alarm. I was up until 4 in the morning, and wanted to grab a couple of hours of sleep before heading to class. So, I set the alarm on my cellphone, put the cellphone across the room in its charger and zzz. I wake up, look at my watch and it's 10:50 ! Cursed myself for not listening to my alarm, when I realized that the cellphone was in my hand !!! So, I had - sometime during the morning, apparently unbeknownst to me - walked over to the cellphone, turned it off, and back to zzz. This MBA thing man, plays with your mind.

Anyways, this morning. I scramble. Grab my stuff, unlaundered and all, pack it up, and on the way to the shower, I open the curtains.

What the ? It's dark outside !

Got to say, i haven't had such a surprise thrown at me in a while. I was pretty confused when it hit me - it was 10:30 PM, not AM. Open up the laptop to check the date. Phew. It was actually the night before, not a day later :-) This MBA thing man, plays with your mind.

I went skating last afternoon in Millenium Park and must have fallen asleep as soon as I got home. That was a relief. I could do my laundry, get my homework done in time, make the class, and catch the plane. Life is good. Tons of time. Maybe a little zzz as reward ...

Woke up like an hour ago. At 5. And here I am. Homework. Due. In 2h 25mins. Haven't started. Sh*t.

At least my clothes are in the washer !


Blogger KV said...


20 January, 2006 09:54  
Blogger divinemissN said...

Call me a geek, but I set double alarms on two different alarm clocks...

20 January, 2006 11:26  
Anonymous the daily travails said...

Go kick some butt.

But be sure not to litter. I've heard there are some serious penalties for that down there at Rice. It's why their campus is so darn clean. :)

21 January, 2006 01:16  
Anonymous mbafarbe said...

Dejavu... and I am tickled to my bone.

Uh Suzy... I set four alarms on on mobile and another one on the other mobile and sleep through all of them ....

22 January, 2006 10:54  
Blogger Mandar said...

Looks like those fumes are getting to you. Are they doing anything about it?

23 January, 2006 17:47  

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