Thursday, January 19, 2006

Recruiting Tips

OK, you've got to stop laughing now. I know, the Yogi offering recruiting tips is like the GSB offering scholarships. But, it could happen, and when it does, it is with very good reason.

So, dear recruitees, here are some words of pure, distilled wisdom fresh from personal experience.

If you can help it, never, EVER, tell a recruiter that *he* reminds you of an old girlfriend !

Not good :-)

Second, make sure you check up on any 'baggage' before applying. I realized this AM during class - the formulas were getting a bit much (and I never got that homework done :) - that I know someone who works at one of (the only two !) firms I have interviews with. Which might actually be a good thing, except his wife totally hates me. You see, she wanted to set me up with her sister at one point. She sent me pictures and everything, and me being me, I procrastinated about writing back and then I replied back apologizing profusely and sent her a couple of my pictures (I look so much better in real life anyways) and promising to call asap. You know what happens next, I got sidetracked and that call never happened. I learned later that she was mucho pissed. I deserve it for being such a jackass.

And karma points being what they are, I will probably crack my first round cases, wow the socks off the partners in the second rounds, and as I am getting off the elevator leaving the building run into this guy . And a certain Congratultions letter will get the Printer-to-Shredder treatment :-)

Which leaves me with one shot at a job on-campus - at the most sought after firm for consultants. Whose recruiter looked at my card (since I was too lazy at that point to order official GSB cards) and said: "do you use these to pick up girls at bars?"

Did someone say admissions mistake?


Blogger KV said...

you card is the best dude. I still have yours at home.

19 January, 2006 21:01  
Blogger Moe said...


19 January, 2006 21:52  
Blogger Metal said...

Thats hilarious dude. Good Luck with your interviews. I have a few lined up as well but I dont think I'm gonna practice any more cases. Man! I'm done with them.

20 January, 2006 00:20  

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