Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How to Succeed with Women

Well, I don't have much to proffer on this subject, but this is the title of a book that happens to be sitting on the table next to me. I just randomly turned to a page to see what it was about. And, boy, is it Gospel, or is it Gospel :-)

Your car can be an important part of your seduction strategy. Teenagers aren't the only ones having sex in cars, and many successful sexual experiences start in men's cars and move to the bedroom later. Here are 3 ways to make your car into a rolling seduction chamber.

Rolling Seduction Chamber? Well, maybe I should check this one out.

1. Make your car clean.
Ouch. No go there. Sorry. This chamber deal won't really work for me.

Next Page.

Now think about homes you've seen that seem to send romantic messages to women. While many of these homes may seem expensively furnished, their style follows basic principles you can follow, too, to make your home more inviting and romantic.

Maybe one of these principles could work?

1. A Seductive home looks like an adult lives there. A seductive home is not a closet, a warehouse, a dorm room ...
Strike Two. Dang.

Skip the section to two pages later.

Have a "piece on the side". As you begin to develop your harem of available sex kittens ...
Hope spring eternal.

Is there anything here that I could go out and use?
Do you want to insure dates tonight? Borrow a friend's baby and women will be all over you.

I need to get myself a copy of this book :-)
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Blogger sorebrek said...

Hilarious PY! Most of my experiences start in the car (the girl throws up) and predictably ends up in the bathroom.
Babies, huh? I made this 1.5 hr trip to see a friend's baby in the midst of essay-fest, only to be snubbed. The kid couldn't care less, it opened its eyes for 5 seconds, yawned and promptly went back to sleep. Boy, was I pissed. Now I know how I will extract my price, my little wingman!

07 December, 2005 11:26  
Blogger sghama said...

Ha ha ha - gave me a good laugh... PY you need to buy yourself a new car and start pimpin - at least for the few few weeks it'll be clean and look like an adult lives there :) oh, and if all else fails, there're always the exotic car rental companies

10 December, 2005 23:29  

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