Wednesday, October 12, 2005

on the way to my dorm room ...

I ran into what must be the absolutely coolest party ever ! at least I've never seen anything so freaking ingenious.

so I get a call from a fellow resident at the International House asking me to meet him by the elevator as soon as I get to the dorms. OK, it was nearing midnight anyways and the mba building here closes at that time, so I head out for home. get to the elevator and there's nobody. look around in the lobby, and nada. so I press the UP button and wait for the elevator.

the doors open and guess what - the party's in the elevator !! jeehzus h. there were these two guys who had converted the elevator cab into a pirate-themed box. they had costumes complete with wigs, there were drapes pinned to the walls, a carpet, colored lighting, and they had set up a table with drinks ! there was even a bowl of sangria with a lobster in it ! and the elevator was packed with people going up and down just chilling :-) it was so much fun to see none of the residents be pissed of that their ride to their rooms was a little different tonight. i was looking at pictures someone took, and earlier this evening one of the residents was playing violin in this mobile party unit ! last i checked, having chugged down a huge bottle of sake, they had graduated to ice-cream with champage :)

rock on, boys. y'all are awesome.


Blogger PowerYogi said...

That's an odd sense of fun. What about the football stadium er sumthin? Oh, wait, it's chicago. Geez...there's all kinds of great bars to go to, and houses, too!

Seriously, though, wouldn't people wanting to use the elevator be mad? Were they?
MarketWizWannabe | 10.12.05 - 3:46 pm | #

19 November, 2005 03:03  

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