Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Coffee at 11

That would be 11 as in AM & PM. No can do on my own anymore.

I'm so missing Blogging. It's kinda like that friend who you'd like to be more than a friend with, but try as you might, can't just find the time to make it happen. Damn.

I'm so not missing my job. And I'd just hope certain people would stop behaving like they were still at one. This is school people, chill some.

I'm so missing Happy Valley. I just wish I was camped out at Paternoville last week, rain and all, and rocking the Beav saturday night. You know what they say - God must be a Penn State fan, why else did he make the sky Blue and White !

I'm so not missing my car anymore. It got here this weekend from Boston, safe and sound.

I'm so missing the couch in my office. I could use them late afternoon power-naps I used to take at work. Heck, right now I'd settle for a late-night nap.

I'm so not missing baseball. Season ended with the Sox. It's a pity.

I'm so missing a paycheck. And no, loan refunds checks don't count.

I'm so not missing parking tickets. Wait. OK, at least until I get my first one in Chicago.

I'm so missing good food. Actually, make that food. I don't know how I'm surviving - all i've had to eat today was a slice of pizza, a few edamame, 3 mozarella sticks and a small salad. Oh, and coffee.

I'm so not missing writing essays. A friend of mine was at the GSB today as a prospective student, and he's trying to finish his Wharton esssays for thursday, and I was reminded of my first time ever in Chicago - to visit Kellogg on the day of the LBS deadline. Boy, I sure am glad those days are 'those' days now.

I'm so missing putting together a coherent post.

Take that back.

I'm so not missing putting together a coherent post. I suspect this blog will go back to its original motivations - to be a more personal journal, with all its associated imperfections, of my trials and tribulations as I navigate the hell-in-the-guise-of-heaven that's the MBA. If that has to mean titling a post with coffee when it has nothing to do with coffee, that's what this will mean.

I'm so missing not giving a fuck about things.
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Blogger PowerYogi said...

but we are so missing your interesting write-ups. hope timelines in GSB get better
Forrest | Homepage | 10.11.05 - 2:10 pm | #


well, i guess time can be made if time wants to be made? next post is on
poweryogi | 10.11.05 - 5:05 pm | #

19 November, 2005 03:04  

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