Tuesday, September 06, 2005

We the best. And we've got the numbers to prove it.

So, the Chicago GSB Class of 2007 has arrived. Today was the first day of CORE and boy was it a drag. Not all of it, but the first half for sure. I think the schedule is to blame, or maybe it's just me, but it's not fun to put people in a room and have them listen to speakers non-stop for hours on end. I wish there were at least some breaks. I found myself unable to really concentrate on the stuff being said, and I do feel badly for the faculty and staff up there who put all the effort into their presentations.

The one part I did hear though was being told that we are the smartest bunch of people to ever walk these hallowed halls. Average GMAT of the incoming class has crossed 700 for the first time ever (it's 701). The undergrad GPA average has also hit an all-time high at 3.5. But I didn't hear any of the 1y's talk about their GMAT score. Which is a good thing.

The last session was an introduction to LEAD and Leadership Outdoor Experience(LOE) which starts tomorrow with a roll-call at 6 AM. Yup, 6 AM. I hope I can wake up in time, for if I don't not only will I possibly fail the course but will also have to pay the school for organizing it. It's a three-day adventure/retreat/thingy in Wisconsin. I'm really looking forward to it - should be a great intro to my cohort-mates.

Many props to the 40 2y's in black T-shirts - the LEAD facilitators. These are the guys and gals who will run the LEAD program for us. I talked to some of them today and I get the sense that it is a really great opportunity. I want to do it next year.

The evening ended, as should every evening, with free drinks and food. Lots of it. I ended up talking to some of my fellow classmates and they are a very cool bunch. It was also great to see fellow bloggers wakechick and jeremy again, didn't find any of the other bloggers among the 550 people there (which, btw, is a lot of people), but was talking to a fellow cohort-mate about my visa/passport/flight issues and he goes - i like your blog - or some such. turns out he's also read my blog. it's the first time it's happened to me and kinda wierd to react to. But it's all cool. He's offered to share his bug spray with me.

Is this post even making sense? I'm really tired and it's past bed time. I should stop.
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Blogger PowerYogi said...

Only the crazies are up so late when they have to get up at the a$$ crack of dawn the next day...
We didn't get a chance to meet up today, but we'll hopefully track each other down during LOE.
Le Voyageur | Homepage | 09.07.05 - 1:47 am | #


"..We the best. And we've got the numbers to prove it."

Easy tiger...
Christopher | 09.07.05 - 9:29 am | #


best = high gpa/gmat? guess that's all that matter to indians
Anonymous | 09.07.05 - 2:51 pm | #


Lol, hey PY, looks like you stepped on some toes there pal!

But I'm happy for you. Chicago is a pretty darn good school and you got in! There's nothing wrong in being proud of your school! Enjoy your stay there and happy getting up at the crack o' dawn!

And Anon, all I can sense is a hint of jealousy in your comment! "We Indians" take that as a compliment. Just an appetizer from a proud Indian:

The Co-founder of Sun Microsystems (Vinod Khosla),
Creator of Pentium Chip (Vinod Dahm),
Founder and creator of Hotmail (Sabeer Bhatia),
Chief Executive of McKinsey & Co. (Rajat Gupta)
President and CFO of Pepsi Cola (Indra Nooyi)
President of United Airlines (Rono Dutta)
GM of Hewlett Packard (Rajiv Gupta)
President and CEO of US Airways (Rakesh Gangwal)
Chief Executive of CitiBank (Victor Menezes),
Chief Executives of Standard Chartered Bank (Rana Talwar)
Chief Executive officer of Vodafone (Arun Sarin)
President of AT & T-Bell Labs (Arun Netravali)
Vice-Chairman and founder of Juniper Networks (Pradeep Sindhu)
Founder of Bose Audio (Amar Bose)
Founder, chip designer Cirrus Logic (Suhas Patil )
Chairman and CEO of Computer Associates (Sanjay Kumar)
Head of (HPC WorldWide) of Unilever Plc. (Keki Dadiseth)
Chief Executive Officer of HSBC (Aman Mehta)
Director and member of Executive Board of Goldman Sachs (Girish Reddy)
Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund (Raghuram Rajan)
Former CTO of Novell Networks (Kanwal Rekhi)

Last but not the least, it's not very becoming to comment about someone's opinion based on their nationality. If you want to know more about Indians who made it big and who are the best of the best irrespective of (or in spite of) having a great GPA/GMAT, email me.

And PY, sorry for making such a big deal out of this.
Truth Fairy | Homepage | 09.07.05 - 4:14 pm | #


A very un-Yogi like title, may be it was in jest
Anon | 09.07.05 - 6:26 pm | #


I agree very un-Yogi like. Guess humility is lacking and you are validifying the sterotype that all Indians care about is numbers

- just a helpful hint from a felow Indian
What?? | 09.07.05 - 8:12 pm | #


I had someone say they read and liked my blog at the first social event as well. It was definitely a little strange. Like being a minor celebrity.
Keven | Homepage | 09.08.05 - 12:14 am | #


Am I the only one who get's the humour behind the title? Take it easy!!

Mobius | 09.08.05 - 10:40 am | #


Absolutely.. today bloggers can't even joke, without everyone lambasting them .. I've seen Yogi's posts for years now ... you rock dude.
Anon | 09.08.05 - 1:38 pm | #


If someone couldn't understand the following excerpt from Yogi's post, guess who's having tough time with GMAT.
" But I didn't hear any of the 1y's talk about their GMAT score. Which is a good thing."
Hursh Rajput | 09.08.05 - 4:51 pm | #


Hey twins,
Congrats on your first formal experience as a student. Orientation could drag at times but it’s usually a great time a start making friendships. Make the best out of it. I’m really jealous about you guys already going on a 3-day retreat. That’s gonna be a blast.
KV | Homepage | 09.09.05 - 2:01 am | #


My, my.. PY is going to have a field day checking the comments this post has generated. Easy, guys - try & spot the humor here, please, instead of hurling yourself on a GMAT/GPA tangent.
Mave | Homepage | 09.09.05 - 10:38 am | #

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