Thursday, September 22, 2005

'Twas the Night before Classes ...

and i got back to my dorm around 11:30 after a very nice dinner over at Byron's and as I was headed to my room to catch some sleep when I met some people who talked me into watching Oprah get a million bucks from Jon Bon Jovi. I didn't even know Oprah was on that late. Maybe 'cuz its Chicago?

Anyways, midnight came around and just ad I was about to call it day, this other guy comes by and tells us that there's a movie playing next door. Movie? In super-quiet Hyde Park. Yup, Ida Noyes Hall (in between the GSB building and the I-house where I stay) has a 450-seat theater and Doc Films, supposed to be the oldest campus film club, had a free midnight screening of The Life Aquatic. Now, I saw Seu Jorge perform the songs he sang for that movie live two nights ago, so I just had to go watch the movie ya.

Watch I did. For like an hour I think before I fell asleep in my seat :-) woke up sometime later and decided to head to a bed. It was finally around 2 when I fell asleep. Set two alarms so I wouldn't miss my first class.

Slept through both. But, a phone call woke me up! And it was from a recruiter :-) Well, not that kind of recruiter exactly. I was called last week to provide a reference for a VP they want to hire for a startup, and she woke me up this AM to ask if I could recommend any senior engineers. Kinda networking without really networking. I'm going to ask her if I could come intern there next summer :)

And, I did make it to class. I've read the Wharton bloggers post about their Concert Rules, and decided to ask the professor if he had any such rules we should follow. This is pretty freaking cool. You can eat, drink, use your laptop whatever as long as it doesn't offend anyone else. If you are bored in class, feel free to leave. On top of that, you don't even need to show up in class ! yup, he was like if you think you know the material well enough, just make sure you submit the homeworks and show up for the mid-term and finals. Wowza !

Class was good. The prof announced a prize of a super-expensive bottle of tequila for the most creative cheat sheet on the mid-term. Oh, and there's no need for a textbook or course materials. I'm lovin' it :-)

Finally, two more of my classmates are blogging. That's two more perspectives: Hugo and Mandar. Check 'em out.

Off I go now to study. I have some really scary reading for my two monday classes.


Blogger PowerYogi said...

" don't even need to show up in class"

I wish more professors had this attitude and not the usual "holier-than-thou-I'm -so-smart-you-have-to-show-up-for-every-class and-cannot-leave-during-class-or-I'll-drop your-grade" attitude.
Christopher | 09.23.05 - 2:38 pm | #


Way to go!!! I like the sound of the class too...

You have your reply
mbafarbe | Homepage | 09.23.05 - 4:49 pm | #

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