Tuesday, September 20, 2005

To Thine Own Self Be True.

Why did I not listen to the inner voice that urged me not to get out of bed this morning?

That monumental mistake has me sitting here tearing my hair out. If you guys thought our bidding system was rough, welcome to the world of dropping/adding/swapping courses. It's actually simple dropping, simple adding, add one of-ing, swap/drop only if i can add one of-ing ... Jim H. Cavizel !

And the reason I find myself at this point of jump-or-else-we'll-push-you was attending and, the extravert that i am supposed to be, asking a question. I was talking with a finalist from a previous year's New Venture Challenge who now has his own ice-cream company, and he told me that the best prep for the competition was taking Prof. Scott Meadow's Commercializing Innovation class. This class has like 6 recommended pre-reqs and so I decided to walk over to Prof. Meadow's office.

You've got to meet him, this guy is awesome. He told me that I should take it this quarter. When I asked him about the pre-reqs he said I'd be alright. He also made a point that, in his opinion, no coursework at the GSB can prepare anyone to take his class. So, it would be the same now or later in terms of prep. Also, that the sequence of Commercializing Innovation, venture finance, and the New Venture Challenge was one of the best entrepreneurship streams at any b-school.

It's going to be really, really, really hard but I am going to do it. The reason I came here is to study entrepreneurship, in as much as it can be learnt. If this is going to be the path that will best prepare me - to steal a line from my admit letter :)- for my life's work, bring it on.

That's one part of it. I've now actually got to bid for, and get into, the class. That's a whole different ballgame. Especially because I may have to drop/swap/whatever-the-fuck TWO classes. I won't even go into the crapshoot this process has become. Suffice to say my bracket-busting strategy is out of the window :-) The end-case scenarios are NOT looking good.

Oh, did I alreadly say I was elected un-opposed as the film chair for my cohort. Can I drop/add/swap/beg out of that one. No, just kidding. We'll make a great movie. Or so I keep telling myself :-)
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Blogger PowerYogi said...

you'll be fine, just have some fun. Good luck with the film. I'll help out if you need it. I built the school, didn't I?
John D rockafeller | 09.20.05 - 10:09 pm | #


Hey... you didn't tell me you were elected film chair. Congrats!
byron | Homepage | 09.20.05 - 11:38 pm | #


Perspective, Yogi. You have another 5 quarters to take the classes you want if this one doesn't pan out. Don't get caught up in the madness...
Le Voyageur | Homepage | 09.21.05 - 11:44 am | #


rockafeller, looks like you got screwed my man. the school mis-spelled all the buildings you built as rock-e-feller

byron - i was too caught up in the DAS crap when i talked with you. the film thing was at the back of the mind someplace. we'll talk at dinner tonight.

le V - it's story time. a friend's reaction when he first found out that i was going to bschool was "you'll probably be the first one in your school to drop out". so i figured i'd get the most out of it before ... but you're right thought - perspective.
poweryogi | Homepage | 09.21.05 - 1:12 pm | #

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