Monday, September 05, 2005

To Business School or Not to Business School

That is the question that was at the top of the cover of the inflight magazine on the American Airlines flight I boarded to Chicago. Pretty fuckin' apt for the moment, ya. It's here finally, the end (the real beginning?) of a journey begun on 25 august 2003 when I walked into the testing center to take the GMAT. Funny thing though is that I don't seem to feel like the 'moment' has arrived. Is one supposed to? I don't know.

But I've had a ROCKING introduction to student life, and it doesn't involve the GSB crowd. yet. except for two cool people. Flew into O'hare earlier this evening, and took a shuttle to a dorm where I am staying temporarily. As I was waiting to finish some paperwork to get the keys to my room, I said Hi to a bloke standing behind me in line, and we started chatting. Turns out he's a GSB alum, and he invited me to go out to dinner with some people. Dumped my stuff in my room and headed out to meet up with the folks. Turns out all of them are staying at the I-House. And it was an eclectic bunch - a German student, a web professional who's also writing a novel, the GSB alum who's starting something on his own, and a political sciene Ph.D student. It was a fun dinner, no *networking* involved, just talking to some very cool, and seriously smart, people. I also got invited to a bbq tomorrow afternoon for I-house residents.

Walked back to the dorm and was sitting in the lounge leafing through a magazine listening to another student playing on the piano when another european-looking bunch walked in. Initiated a conversation and got myself invited to a house party. It was a nice party at the home of two law school students, and most of the crowd was also going-to-be lawyers. The other most of the crowd was Ph.D students in Economics, who are quite a fun bunch. I was holding the fort for the GSB for a while before being joined by a fellow GSB classmate who's also going to stay at the I-house. Met some nice people and got back home around 2:30.

My eyes are really closing shut now, so i'm going to sign off. Core starts tuesday promtly at 8;30


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