Friday, September 09, 2005

Some comments on some Comments

whoa ! i just got off the bus from our outdoor thing and check the blog and see that there are 12 comments. kinda threw me off because i thought there was nothing in there of that much interest. i guess i was wrong.

c'mon people, the title was totally meant to be humorous. it was actually, if you could see it thus, mocking - the school was the one that called us the 'smartest' or whatever [smiley added for emphasis ;-)] by talking about gmat/gpa scores, but none of us even care about that. i hope you noticed that I had also, in a similar vein, modified the header on this blog.

and as does happen, a comment on the title led to one about validating stereotypes about indians and gre/gmat/numbers. well, stereotypes are funny things. they only exist in the minds of those who believe in them. actually, those who *want* to believe in them. let go, man or woman. not worth sweating over.

would you believe i've actually been sitting at this terminal for two hours writing this. Wrote a long post, deleted most of it, rewrote, and for symmetry, re-deleted. i'd say it was time not entirely wasted, as I also got to briefly chat(oops, my bad. 'network') with a classmate. in a more innocent time, i.e. before seemingly every second person here knew my blogdentity, i'd have mentioned that the classmate in question was actually quite pretty :-)


Blogger PowerYogi said...

started a comment here and turned it into a post
mbafarbe | Homepage | 09.10.05 - 5:00 am | #


"stereotypes are funny things. they only exist in the minds of those who believe in them"

Nice!! I totally agree. Lol! Pretty girl eh? Enjoy your not-so-busy days to the fullest. It won't last long!
Truth Fairy | Homepage | 09.10.05 - 9:42 am | #


well, it led to an interesting post, farbe. now reading your post has me thinking about posting about diversity ...

can't lie to the truth fairy now, can we? definitely pretty and i skipped a sox game outing to catch up on sleep today - i know that's going to start being a scarce commodity soon. oh, and nice comment to the prev post.
poweryogi | Homepage | 09.10.05 - 3:43 pm | #


waiting for that post and to comment on it.
mbafarbe | 09.12.05 - 4:18 am | #


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