Monday, September 12, 2005

Outed by the GSB - but they think I'm beautiful !

Just checked my email and saw a note from someone at the GSB Administration asking to link my blog to something they are working on (wait for it - i think it is going to be interesting).

Only one problem (oh, but not really a problem). They think I'm wakechick :-) :-) :-) I'm looking forward to walking into their office and seeing that look of utter disappointment as the vision they expected evaporates :-)

But this is cool. I'm so really freaking glad that the GSB is *getting* blogging and reaching out to prospective students. It can only only be a good thing.


Blogger PowerYogi said...

Well done, wakechick.... ehm, I mean PY! Wooohooo! The infamous PY!!!!!
Suzy | Homepage | 09.12.05 - 1:31 pm | #


If you can please take a picture of them when they see you walking in
KV | Homepage | 09.12.05 - 1:43 pm | #


Funny. But, it's weird. I too am glad they are getting it. Right on! When I say getting it, I'm referring to how Blogging is so much better than forum talk in that we help put a face to the B-School. Not only of the admissions process, but also of the people involved in the program.
david | Homepage | 09.12.05 - 4:19 pm | #


just checked... i didn't get contacted. i guess they don't like my blog, or something.
byron | Homepage | 09.12.05 - 10:55 pm | #


Suzy/KV - i thought it was pretty funny too. kinda like my early morning laugh for the day.

dave - i had a conversation with some other students today and I do think that there is still substantial ignorance about blogs among the b-school community. I don't know much about what this initiative from the GSB is, but am looking forward to finding out.

Byron - maybe this whole thing was a hoax to get me to out myself out !! in which case, you're probably better off being on the down low
poweryogi | Homepage | 09.13.05 - 1:38 am | #


I always assumed Poweryogi and Wake Chick were the same person.
Keven | Homepage | 09.13.05 - 1:27 pm | #


Keven - ya know, I thought so too -- until Fall Preview when I saw them both in the same place.

Then again, I guess there are ways around that...
byron | Homepage | 09.13.05 - 4:00 pm | #


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