Monday, September 05, 2005

Day 2 in Chicago

The weather here is awesome right now and I've had a really relaxing day today. I've got to say, I'm really digging the Hyde Park area around Blackstone Hall where I am temporarily staying. Of course, there's the crime - a girl who's also in my dorm had her car windows smashed last night - but it is really quite neat. It also has the feel of a small place. Went to get some breakfast and ran into a person I'd met last night at the party - and he introduced me to his Lebanese friend, who showed up at a BBQ a few hours later!

Had a lazy start to the day, checked email for a while, and offered to help setup for the International House (which is where I will eventually be moving to, a week or so from now) barbeque, which ended up having a good turnout. And I'm really really glad I decided to stay at the I-house. My fellow I-housers are an impressively diverse, eclectic, and very nice, bunch. I must have met a score or so and they hail from: Korea, Japan, China, Mexico, Portugal, India, Germany, Lebanon, France, Colombia, and the US. The range of things they are here to do is also pretty diverse: Chemistry, Economics, Statistics, Public Policy, Social-something, Business, and even Dance, at last count.

Later that evening, I watched some canadian football on the TV in one of the lounges in Breckinridge House, played foosball, and had dinner with another I-houser I met today. This guy just graduated with a degree in Financial Math and works at one of the big-name firms and educated me in the workings of the buy-side. It was a very interesting conversation over some not-so-interesting food and a nice way to end what might be the last day I can spend doing nothing.


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