Wednesday, August 31, 2005

oops, i've got to pay for this mba thing ya.

over dinner a couple of days ago, my dad asks me almost casually if everything is now in place for me to get on a bunch of planes and start school at chicago. which is when i remembered that i didn't have my loan approved yet. see, in usual fashion, i mailed in the paperwork for the loan just about 2 weeks ago. this freaked out my dad who couldn't believe that i would leave such an important matter as financing this monster upto the last minute. he then asked me if i was sure if my paperwork had reached chicago. i said, sure, i mean i did send it by fedex. they don't screw up. tracking number? dunno, i must have lost it in the whole travelling all over the place deal.

well, just checked my inbox to find an email from the fin aid office that my loan will be approved.

so, i'm all set to go now. through 5 airports in 4 countries in 2 days. and then drive from boston to chicago with my stuff. arrive in Chicago the night before start of school. which also happens to be a soon-to-be classmate's birthday. Happy Birthday in advance, Wakechick.


Blogger alberthaanstra said...

Hi Blogger! Ik ben op zoek naar lenen Zou Afab echt zo goed zijn als iedereen beweert? Of kan ik beter zoiets als Geldshop proberen?

Groetjes Albert

25 January, 2006 09:17  

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