Monday, August 01, 2005

arrivederci, boston. next stop: well, um, ...

So, I´m done doing Boston. For once, I made my plane with plenty time. This was after actually managing to get my bank statements and other paperwork squared up, packing and moving most of the stuff I needed to, getting auto insurance issues taken care of, and - here i outdo myself - finishing all the required pre-MBA tests et al a full two weeks before the deadline! just when i was beginning to think that this whole MBA thing was probably getting me to fall in line, I walk into the terminal at Boston and realize that I had left my phone in the car and my brother who had dropped me off had driven away :)

ah well. these things have to happen right. i was compensated by an empty seat next to mine so the journey was pretty comfortable. Get off in Milan, make certain clarifications with regard to my checked-in luggage, read my book, and walk up to my gate, again with plenty time, for my connecting flight. And, what do you know -


Yup :-) The rains in Mumbai have apparently shut down the airport for another 2 days and so today´s as well as tomorrow´s flight have been cancelled ! the alternatives are to either fly back to where you came from, or wait it out for a few days. Oh, and this being a weather-related emergency, they are under no obligation to put people up in hotels and such. it´s a pretty bad scene at the airport. people have to pretty much stay for 24 hours in the terminal, most likely 48 or more if they want to go into Mumbai. The only other flights are to Delhi, and they are packed.

Aah, my adventures continue. I decided to jump the status-of-tomorrow´s-flight line of questioning and got myself the next available confirmed ticket out on thursday. and my visa from last month´s travels gets me into Italia ! So, here I am, in a small hostelaria a few blocks from the train station.

Next 3 days: Milano. After that ... :)


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