Monday, July 25, 2005

next week this time ...

I'll be officially unemployed ! - My last day at work is thursday ! It's just starting to sink in, barely so actually, since I'm still pretty busy at work, my office is as cluttered as ever, the daily flow of emails hasn't abated; but i've been scheduled for an exit interview, have had to call all sorts of departments to take care of 401(k), stock purchase plans, laptop return, group insurance etcetera. And the farewells. Had a going-away lunch with colleagues on friday who are on vacation this week, going-away drinks with a few others later that evening, a dinner with a good friend from work today, a dinner scheduled for tomorrow with some guys I used to work with, and the 'official' good-bye lunch thursday.

I'll be in India ! - I leave for India this sunday, if I make the flight on time, that is. This still hasn't sunk in, have been too busy dealing with all the crap with the move. The busy-ness at work means that my apartment is still untouched. yeah. Plan is to throw out a bunch of crap and donate stuff to goodwill this friday, pack up things I'll need and drop 'em off at my brother's this saturday. I got a good break with moving the big stuff 'coz I'm just going to leave most of them in place for my friend who's moving into my room. It would be hell to try to move the couches and dismantle shelves etc.

I'll be missing my friends - Boston's kinda the closest I can really call home now, I guess. I've lived here for almost 5 years now and have a bunch of people I'm close to, and many more I'm friends with. I'm sure I'll miss all of them a ton. I had a kinda birthday/going-away/thingy last weekend and had almost 50 people show up and it was a blast. Was out with another bunch on saturday and a few more of us did a bbq thing last night. thursday night my ex-roomie is throwing another going-away party at Sonsie, and i'm going to hang out at a apartment-crawl-party (yeah, we have those here :) for a bit saturday to say my good-byes to my sometimes-squash-partner and alltime-good-friend. good memories. I'm sure to be flying back to Boston ever so often the next two years, though.

I'll be missing Trivia - Wednesday nights have been Trivia nights at a local pub for a while now, work permitting. I go with my roommate and have made a really great set of friends there. In fact, I'm going to Argentina over winter break for one of my trivia buddies' wedding. This past week was my last, and was it a fittingly-cool ending. So, we're tied for first place at 96 points with another team and a few other teams not too far behind, with the last question to go. At this place, the last question is kinda all that matters. You can bid anywhere from 2 to 20 points, with half the points deducted if you get it wrong. The question - in which state is the geographical center of north america? i knew i had to know the answer - i had googled for it when I was trying to center the bloggers google map a few weeks ago :-) but all i could remember was that it was in one of the dakotas(the geographical center of the lower 48 is in kansas). one of our teammates was from South Dakota and didn't remember having heard about it ever. so, we decide to go with the north and bid 20 points. turns out it was the right answer !! but the other team got it right too - except they only bid 2 points. 50 bucks for free beer - nice way to end my Trivia days :-)

I'll be playing with my friend's son - My best friend, if one is still allowed to have them at 29, had a baby boy last year and I'm stopping in Mumbai for half-a-day to see them en route to Bangalore. I met this guy my first week as a freshman in college. That's going back 12 years. wow. I've probably seen him and his lovely wife once every two years for a couple of days since we left college, and we don't really do emails, but everytime we meet up it's just like the good old days. There was this one time when we were in our hostel on a sunday evening. We were hungry and we were totally broke. There was this unbelievably dirty restaurant in a seedy part of our small town which sold a 'delicacy' called Chicken 65 - a piece of chicken deep fried in what had to be straight-up crude oil. It was 15 rupees a piece - 35 cents - and we had maybe 3 or 4 rupees between us. That's when we decided to do some breaking-and-entering :-) Literally kicked the door to another friend's room open, ransacked it, overturned the mattress and everything but only found a few more rupees in coins. We were almost done when this guy walked in - and we unleashed a barrage of choicest curses upon him for not having any money in his room :-) I can't wait to see how much of a brat Junior is.

I'll be thinking Startup - So, I've been talking (not as much as I'd like to) with a Freaky-Friend-Faraway (as Tom Peters puts it) about a venture idea to explore once I get to b-school. Once the madness of quitting my job and moving abates, I'm definitely going to start putting more thought and effort into it. I find airplanes to be pretty therapeutic when it comes to organizing my thoughts, and the flight over should be a good start. Grand Plan is to have a Grand Plan before the start of school. I'm pretty excited by the simplicity of what we want to do, and I think regardless of where it goes, doing it would be definitely a great addition to the entire b-school experience. Definitely kicked about this.

I'll be meeting old friends - I think ! Most of my friends have left Bangalore, and those who are still there are busy with their wives and kids. It kinda makes me feel old sometimes that the guys I grew up with are fathers ! The last three times I visited there was a friend's wedding and it was an occasion for a reunion and I got to meet everyone too. Alas, my last bachelor friend decided to leave the brotherhood and get married a few months ago. So, no more weddings = no more reunions. Maybe I should throw a party or something.

I'll be trying not to be married off - Just kidding! Got to say though, b-school's a blessing in disguise. I've used the 'i can't feed myself for 2 years, how ll'i feed a wife' line to its fullest in keeping those who cast the evil eye at bay :-)

Mom - It's been a really long time since I've had any mom-made-food. I've got a month of make-up time.

Dad - This guy is amazing. I'm going to tap into his reservoir of wisdom about work, life, struggles and successes before I start the next phase of my in-comparison-ordinary life. And, I get to do the 'hey dad, can i have some pocket money' routine all over again :-)

Mom - OK, it's not just the food.


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