Friday, July 15, 2005

Ladies, Gentlemen & Andy: mba podcasts have arrived !

So, I come home after a really long day to this post by Andy where he makes an excellent observation about the usefulness, and lack, of mba-application related podcasts. Hmm. That got me thinking.

And very restless.

See, I've been playing around with a few cool apps this past week and I thought maybe I could put them all together. The idea was to create a podcast channel dedicated to mba-related information that anyone can subscribe to. And, that bloggers(or anyone for that matter) can easily post podcasts to. After spending just under two hours, and mixing really cool stuff from odeo, talkr,, blogger and feedburner, we're ready to rock and roll !

The coolest thing about this - you can automatically turn any blog post into a podcast that is automatically downloaded to a subscriber's mp3 player ! no need for recording anything.
The even more coolest thing - when i say 'you' i mean anyone with a blog.
The coolest coolest thing - ALL of these different podcasts can be part of a SINGLE mba-related channel that can be subscribed to.

Here is the channel, published on ODEO:

To subscribe, create an account which is a snap. They're still in beta but just went from invite-only to everyone-else-is-people-too last week. And, it's really something. Currently, there is one test post of a recent entry from my blog.

I'm going to post instructions for getting it setup so that everyone can start to podcast their blogs, but they are a bit detailed/technical and it's really late, so will do it tomorrow. But, before I go to bed, a couple of acknowledgements are in order.

If you ain't reading Richard MacManus, you ain't reading nothin' :-) I think I'm overloading this blog of late with Web 2.0 stuff but i believe it's here to stay and make a difference(not unlike podcasting mba application related stuff straight from blogs!), and Richard covers it like no one else I read. That's where I found out about the 'talking blog'.

Joshua at for coming up with the system:media:audio autotag, which i'm coming to realize is bloody brilliant.

Anabasis for his deceptively simple method of automatically creating an odeo channel from a rss feed.

And, while I am still in my geek-suit, i've got to say that i was kicked to receive an email from Evan Williams this week. Evan who? Evan as in the guy who's started Odeo. And his gig before that - he was the guy who created Blogger ! Of course the 'email' in question was really a 'thank you' reply to a suggestion I had made for adding a feature to Odeo. But, whatever.

OK, i really need to get some sleep.


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