Wednesday, June 29, 2005

LinkedIn: Spam 2.0 ?

I use, as in I have a list of contacts, on LinkedIn. One of the things they promise you when you signup is that there won't be bogus contacts etcetera because it is referral-based, and you get to approve/introduce people to your contacts, blah-di-dah.

So, I was more than a little surprised when I got this email from them a few minutes ago, from an email address that said: It says:

I understand that {COMPANY} is growing, as a colleague of yours recently advertised an open position on a Boston job board. We'd like to offer you a free credit to post a job on LinkedIn and discover the power of referral-based hiring.

Your company's success will be shaped by the people you hire to work there. I would therefore like to introduce you to LinkedIn Jobs - the new way to hire. LinkedIn Jobs combines the power of referrals with the ease and convenience of online job listings.

Try it - there is no charge and we're sure you'll be happy with the results! If you would like to take advantage of this offer and post a job on LinkedIn, then simply click on the link below to instantly receive your free job credit."

It actually says (COMPANY} - not the name of my, or any, company !! My first thought was that this was bogus, but did click on the attached link anyways to check it out - and it did take me to the LinkedIn site. So, maybe it's not spam per se in the strict sense of the word. But it's scary.

Let me get this straight: the dudes over at LinkedIn were trolling a random job board in Boston, saw a posting for a job from a company, came home and looked through the LinkedIn database, found that I worked for said company, and decided to email me to get me to post a job on their own new job board.

Or: they just decided to send me a random email with a made-up story, without even caring to at least put a company name in there.

C'mon guys, this is NOT cool. You can NOT pull crap like this and expect that no one will notice or care.


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