Saturday, June 11, 2005

D -> NL -> DK -> NO -> ?

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This had to happen, ya. I am sitting at a ridiculously expensive internet cafe in Oslo Sentralstation trying to figure out what to do next. When I got my Eurail Pass they gave me a timetable. Turns out it isn't really accurate. So, my 13:32 train left at 13:00. I was at the station at 13:05. And there is only one train out of Norge at 17:00 going to Göteborg. and no more trains for the night from there. And I really can't book any hostels online because its the day-of. fun stuff ! I think i may try to call some places in Göteborg to see what's available. I've also heard it's legal to camp anywhere in sweden. I'm thinking maybe leave my backpack at the train station and sleep in a park ...

So, my little trip here has taken me to Heidelburg, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Köln, København and Oslo so far. Have slept three nights on trains, three in hostels, and two at a friend's place.

Met up with Farbe(and may I be the last to congratulate you on IMD :) and Suzy; discovered a gem of a restaurant in Amsterdam ... that only opened last friday!; was tried to be picked up ... by a Pakistani gay man!; sipped green-colored wildberry beer on a terrace garden in a castle; shared a great conversation at a jazz bar in Köln with an old german painter who went overland from München to Delhi in 1973!; hung out with hippies and fell asleep on a bridge in Christiania; walked around town at 2 in the morning and grilled dinner the next night in a park in Olso! ... ah, the stories. I'd love to write more, but no time to sit down at a computer until now.

Off I go now to figure out what to do about tonight. Oh, and the train timetables change again - summer timetables come into effect tomorrow :)

Sköl !


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