Sunday, May 29, 2005

hit me baby one more time

I straggle out of bed this AM, turn on the computer, and do my round of blogreading. Stop by my own to check if there were any comments to my recent post. And, then I look at the hit counter and something's not right. I click to see the stats and it's Wake-up time:

Average hits per day: 86
Average page views per day: 192

Estimated unique visitors by end of today: 7444
Estimated page views by end of today: 7815

WoW. I've been Slashdotted. Again ! The ApplyYourself fiasco is once again a topic of debate at Slashdot, but this time it's with regard to Stanford's approach to the issue - and from the comments, their asking the 'hackers' to explain themselves and *then* rejecting everyone makes them worse than HBS. People think it was just a matter of 'holier-than-thou' grandstanding against HBS/MIT on their part.

As with any slashdot discussion, oftentimes informative and always entertaining:

These people are deliberately trying to get MBAs. I'd say they deserve everything that happens to them, up to and including being boiled in oil. Fuck 'em.
- BushPig

It's sad for the unlucky ones that this happened, but the harsh reality is that smaller mistakes are enough to let your competitors wipe you out in real business. Perhaps they'll learn something valuable from business school after all.
- Anonymous Brave Guy

I read a comics website sometimes. Occasionally, their script screws up and doesn't post the next comic link correctly. Sometimes, i'll go to an archive link and rework it to get the missing image. Occasionally, i'll use google by doing

Am i hacking yet?
- LordEd

Don't Harvard and Stanford have Business Ethics classes? Presumably, you teach a class to educate people on a subject. But apparantly, for these students, the test was administered before the lessons were given. Hurray for Higher Education.
- NipokNek

Isn't the school looking for students who are smart enough to work their way around a problem? They should admit everyone who was able to find their way into the system. I guess they'd rather have students who just blindly do whatever they've been told.

Sounds more like an attempt by the PR departments to cover their collective legal asses after their PHBs jumped the gun and block rejected applicants on the grounds that they committed a crime that technically isn't. IMHO, their position on the matter is weak.
- viceice

No one gains a thing out of it. Well except Berkely. They gain some more people cheering for them when they play Stanford.



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