Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Shot downed around the world.

[file under: Graduate School & Booziness]

Tonight is Worldwide GSB Night. 'On one night worldwide, the GSB community will celebrate' says the website. Celebratory get-togethers are on in 60 cities tonight(local times ofcourse) with venues ranging from an Irish Pub in Barcelona to a Brazilian Churrascaria in Hartford. Our friends in Tokyo are downing them shots at the aptly named 'Drunk Bears'.

Talking of drunk, someone manning the website seems to have gotten in early on the action. I just checked the RSVP list and there's a note announcing : "Unfortunately, due to a technical problem, all registrations prior to March 21, 2005 were lost". hmm, technical problem ;-)

The Boston event runs from 6:30-9:00 at Saint, 90 Exeter Street. I had signed up, but I must be one of those whose registration was lost, and my name's not on the RSVP list. I guess I'll just have to crash the party.

Skål !


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