Thursday, April 14, 2005

Phone Tag, parts Tres y Cuatro

[file under: Catch Me If You Can]

I think it's time to look into Britchick's comment of a few weeks ago to get my phone surgically attached. My adventures with missed calls from Chicago and London are, unfortunately, not isolated incidents. I seem to have a thing for walking away from my phone just as someone is about to call. And am repayed in kind when I call back.

A case in point is my family. There's more voice mail than actual talking. In the last week have missed a couple of calls from my sister, had to dish out an extra 100-odd bucks on air tickets 'coz my bro was voicemailing me to confirm an itinerary and the prices kept going up, and if someone woke up my dad in the middle of the night the first words he might utter are 'this is your dad calling'. I suspect my parents are at the point of getting on a plane and showing up here to check on what I'm really upto.

If they did, they might find me engaged in a game of - no prizes for guessing - phone tag ;-) Two weeks ago, I met a most fascinating woman, and we hoped to meet up sometime to talk some more about her research[, among other things :)] Anyone care to venture a guess what's transpired since ? I caller her, voicemail. Had guests at home later that week, was away from the phone for 30 mins, and she had called. Call back, voicemail. Next day, had to stop by a friend's for a bit before a bunch of us headed out to dinner, and left the phone in my car for the duration and ... Called back, voicemail. Arrggh.

Next time I call, I'm going to leave my email address and ask to be emailed back :-)

PS: The one call I DID get yesterday was from some salesman wanting to manage my money. They serve high-net-worth individuals, he said. I had to restrain myself from asking him if he would be interested in serving a high-negative-net-worth individual. :-)


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