Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The L word

Laugh, that is.

This thing's reached that point in the discourse where we need to sit back and chill a bit. For your reading pleasure, here is a selection of quotes from Slashdot.

James T Kirk cheated on his test and they made him a captain, so can't we let these guys slide? ;) - anonymous coward

Ethics in business. What next: truthfulness in politics? Fairness in the legal profession? Forgiveness in religion? - Usquebaugh

yeah, i can't believe these students would have the audacity to do such a thing. they got what they deserved indeed. [meanwhile, downloading another gig of mp3s...] - FatAlb3rt

I always thought a lack of ethics was required in business. Perhaps these 119 weren't turned away because they broke the rules - perhaps they were turned away because they had nothing more to learn. - anonymous coward

Yes. I'm sure that along with Harvard; Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and Duke all blacklisted the crackers. As for MIT...they got extra credit. - ramblin billy

You Peek, You Lose? Who needs Harvard then? I mean, seriously, in the voyeur community which I am sort of into, our motto is: You Peek, You Win! - anonymous coward

And of course, they can't access their own personal response before... oh wait, they can.
Last week, Metheny would have told you that his companies site was totally secure. This week, he's telling you that yeah, it got hacked, but individuals could only access their own stuff. And of course, he's totally sure about this.
Check back next week, though. - anon*

Good, my plan worked, I've removed the competition and now I will get into Harvard Business School myself!

* evil laugh *

oh wait, business school. shit. - anonymous coward


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