Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Thoughts for Applicants

I have been a lazy blogger of late, and it has to do with a combination of an unexpectedly high workload and a cold/fever that refuses to go away. I have, however, been thinking back to my application saga and what advice, if any, I might offer up to future applicants. Last year, around this time, my fellow bloggers launched the MBA Advice blog. I wanted to say a few things but resisted because I didn't think someone who hasn't actually been accepted to a school really has the credibility to tell anyone else what to do. What Not to do, maybe. I have similar feelings now - my oftentimes bumbling approach to the entire admissions process is not exactly one that anyone should emulate. That said, I have learned some along the way, and there might be applicants out there who find it interesting.

I'm quite impressed by a quote I read during a recent visit to Megami's : "It's not what you tell them ... it's what they hear" - Red Auerbach.

So, what I will offer up is no advice. Just my thoughts about certain aspects of the application process that I have, well, thoughts about. Take it for whatever it's worth.

Stay tuned.


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