Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I Had a Dream.

How does one know s/he is addicted to blogging ?

I haven't blogged the past two weeks, and last night I had a dream that ended with "i've got to blog this !". dammit :)

So, (in my dream, though I woke up this morning and kinda thought it was real) I've just finished dinner (alone, though that's cause for a different type of analysis) and on my way home I walk past a store with an electronic display - kinda like the fancy plasma ones in airports now. It had one entry (yeah, it was a pretty detailed dream) which read 27 and it was in a red box. Just as I was about to walk away, another entry popped up which again said 27 but this one was in a green box. I was intrigued (though not sure if dreams can be described such, but anyways) and stood around to watch. Soon, the screen was filling up with more boxes with 27, some in yellow in addition to the aforementioned green and red. Accompanying this action was a counter of how many reds, yellows, and greens were on the screen.

By this time, intrigue had turned to fascination. And, I had company. A crowd of people started to develop around me staring at this strange screen. They seemed to get worked up at some point when a green box with the number 5 popped up. The excitement reached fever pitch when all of a sudden three green boxes with the number 1 flashed on the screen. Cell phones were pulled out, and i started to hear words like 'appointment', 'fees', 'guarantee' etc. I was so confused I could wake up.

I turned around and looked at the people instead of the screen and I found some clues to the mystery. You see, every single person around me (and it was a substantial crowd by now) had a GMAT prep book in their hands. I turned back to look at the screen to see what exactly people were looking at. I couldn't make any sense of the numbers and colors. At some point during this pondering process, a very (did i mention very) sexy woman tapped me on the shoulder and told me that if I was going to Chicago and yet couldn't figure out the numbers, what was I good for? (hmm, was this somehow related to my eating dinner alone? But, I digress. Back to the point - ) WHAT was going on?

That's when the lights came on. The storefront, until this point, had been dark save for the plasma display. Now, all was revealed. This was an admissions consulting shop! And the numbers were a running display of the results their clients were reporting - green for admits, red for dings, and yellows for waitlists. And the numbers - well, turns out they are the business-week school school rankings. That explained the rising excitement with seeing lower and lower numbers pop up.

Whew !

I think it was a pretty cool dream - maybe it was an expression some hidden desire to see admission consultants release numbers like the schools - admit rates etc. Interesting thoughts come to mind. I don't particularly remember how this dream ended, though i suspect the flashes of Rio I recall were part of an entirely different fantasy altogether.


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