Monday, December 13, 2004


n. A punishment or retribution that one deserves; one's just deserts.

yesterday, on a lazy sunday morning, i was watching a PBS show on the power of intention and how our destinies are predetermined etcetera and i thought to my berkeley mba application saga. i took last friday off from work to finish up the application before the round 2 deadline of 11:59 PM pacific. but i get a call from my boss and i have to go back to work to do some work that had been promised to one of our clients. vacation means vacation, no? not in this case it seems. anyways, i run to work and what was a half-hours worth of work turned into a couple of long hours. get back home and it was cleaning time. we are working on a lounge area for our living room and there was furniture and boxes all over the place that needed to be cleaned before we had guests over to celebrate a birthday. all the time i am thinking why didn't i finish my work earlier? but that just isn't me, as anyone who knows me knows fully well ;-)

so, everything put in place i sit down to finish my app and again things take a while. close to the deadline while. it came down to the wire and as i try to submit i get an error ! i am missing a few essays, i am told !!! it's a couple of minutes to the deadline. so i go back in and took me a minute to figure out that the short and optional essays that don't apply to me need to have responses uploaded too - with an 'N/A' in them. scramble to do that, and this time just to make sure nothing else is missing, i re-read the pdf. everything seems OK so I go pay the fees and submit.

It's finally complete. At 12:11 on 12/11. poetic justice, anyone?

I love my life for these little surprises. Can't help but smile 'em away.

And it's a big smile i have on my face right now. Just heard from Haas that my application will be considered for round two. Maybe my true comeuppance has just been delayed. Time, or the one pre-determining our destinies, will tell.


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