Tuesday, December 07, 2004

chicago is ic

Dear Application-of-mine,

I was very pleased to read today that your status has now changed to In Committee. You must be sitting on a desk somewhere all nice and printed waiting to be read by what I can only imagine to be wonderful people. I know you will do the darndest to tell them what a good person I am and why they should admit me. Over the next month, you will be passed around, hopefully with admiration and good things scribbled all over you. There is, of course, the chance that parts of you may be torn up in disgust or used to make someone's fireplace burn brighter. For this, I apologize in advance, it will entirely have been my fault. Regardless of how they treat you, I want you to know that you are very cherished. On your pages are my values, my aspirations, my dreams. I can only hope that they read what's written.

May the Force be with you,
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