Thursday, December 02, 2004

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Yesterday AM, I did a routine check on my Chicago application and saw that my status had changed from 'R' to 'I'. I was surprised because I thought it went to IC from R. Maybe it's a slow thing ? R - I - IC :) Turns out I stands for Incomplete ! Did a quick check of my email to see if they had sent me anything about missing materials etc. Nada. No details on the status page either. So, I called them and was forwarded to their "Processing" department who told me that one of my transcripts was missing. I swear I uploaded everything, but as I had mentioned in an earlier post, the printable application does not show any of the uploaded docs, so my guess is that there must have been an error in uploading and I never knew about it at the time of submission. Anyways, I was told that I could send it in but with no guarantees on (non)delays in processing. The cool thing about the whole things was that I emailed them the self-reported transcript as soon as I got off the phone and 15 minutes later my status was back to R and the transcripts verified status had moved to Yes. That is some efficiency !

So, current status is:
Status : R (for Received)

Fee Received & Verified : Yes
Recommendations Verified : Yes
Test Scores Complete : Yes
Tests Waived : No (I'm thinking this has to do with my TOEFL waiver)
Tests Verified : No
Official Transcripts Verified : Yes

Phew, glad I got out of the "I" status thing alright. One less thing to stress about.


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