Friday, November 12, 2004

Snow falling on Cedars

actually, there are no cedars around, just some bushes and stuff :-)

but, there is snow ! it's snowing right now in boston, the first snow of the season. beautiful. i'm a big fan of snowy days, kinda appeals to the romantic in me. also brought back memories of the first snowy day last year - I was at Tuck having lunch with my friend after my interview. time does fly !

while on that topic, for those interested in Tuck, seems like the recruitment scene there is sizzling. my friend who is a second year has three consulting positions already and final interviews for two more very very cool opportunities in NYC. i've known him since eighth grade and so very happy for all his success.

and talking of successes, many congratulations to megami
for her(?) Harvard and Wharton invites. that is very impressive indeed.

best wishes to everyone still waiting for the W invites. last year, a lot of invites went out in the last two weeks, no reason why it won't happen this time around also. i've seen a few posts of resignation on s2s - it's way too early for that. cheer up, and here's hoping good things come your way.


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