Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Psychic News Update

This past sunday, a friend of mine dragged me to our neighborhood psychic. she wanted to find out about her love life and wanted me to ask about my mba stuff. i got a palm reading (read: the cheapest option at 20 bucks) and it was pretty cool. i was told that i was at a crossroads in my life but i'm holding myself back, that i am going to be very successful, i'm going to move away from where I live next year and there's going to be some heartbreak when I do leave. I'd like to think that's because i'm going off to attend an MBA program somwhere leaving my friends et al, but it may well turn out that i'll be deported back to india or some such.

Yesterday, i was getting a haircut and my hairdresser said that the psychic woman's husband was also a psychic ! she knew that because he came in once for a haircut. and it wasn't an ordinary haircut. the psychic wife had insisted on cutting her husband's hair, and it turned out so bad he had to show up at the salon to see if can be 'salvaged', in my hairdresser's words. The question I have is if both of you are psychics, won't at least one of you know that the haircut's gonna suck. Let alone the fact that a wife's cutting her hubby's hair.

Anyways, the reason I thought about this was because when my friend got her reading she was asked if she remembered any dreams because they were going to come true very soon. Could the psychic have her aura confused with mine ? You see, my friend doesn't remember any dreams, whereas I on the other hand vividly recall mine, especially those involving supermodels and the like. But I'm willing to believe the psychic was right in not making any predictions about my dreams, because for the last two nights i've been having nightmares about a Wharton interview from hell. the kind where i'm asked to crack a case, or go into excrutiating detail about my teamwork skills, and the worst - we don't talk anything about Wharton, but go down a list of every other school and I'm asked to explain why I don't want to go there. I'll find out soon enough.

With that, we return you back to our scheduled programming, a re-run of "Call me Miss: The story of Caesar and Cleo".


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