Monday, November 22, 2004

Color me Bad

Ever notice that there is an option for people to rate posts on s2s. It's a 5-star kind of system, and i presume the more the stars the better the rating. I really hadn't paid attention to that until I noticed a couple of weeks ago that a few posts of mine were all rated 1-star. Now, they weren't flames or anything, just simple answers to questions. I've been sort of looking for that ever since and I'm convinced there's someone on there who's either a demented soul or confused as to how many stars mean what. There are so many informative posts that seem to be ranked 1-star. What prompted this little rant is a reply I saw by Catherine (WYKim) to a poster who asked if it was OK to reapply in R2. She said yes, that she was an R2 reapplicant who is a student now. And it gets a 1-star ! Also noticed the same for posts by meg and classy wishing good things for an applicant who didn't get an interview. I know I'm just being picky, but hey it's monday morning.


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