Monday, November 15, 2004

Chicago Submitted

Thank god for women !

No, I am serious. I owe my Chicago application's on-time submission to the efforts of two women. My recommender kept up her word and, despite having to struggle with the GSB's recommendation submission system, sent in her rec earlier this morning. My roommate kept me focused, reviewed my essays, woke me up this morning after I had dozed off over an unfinished essay, and was a great source of support. thanks ladies, much indebted.

So, I am officially a candidate for the GSB's class of 2007. In the tradition of candidates, I feel the need to talk about the first thing I will do if accepted - change the damn online application. The one good thing about it, at least for me, was that it is a carbon copy of Wharton, down to the online trascript forms (though C's is a word doc and W's excel). Cut-paste was a breeze for most sections, including the extended resume. All the information was exactly what I had entered for Wharton. But, that's where the similarity stops. The essays have to be pasted into these boxes which convert every - and " to a ? wtf ! Also, the pdf version did not show any uploaded documents (transcripts and resume) so I have no way of knowing if they were even received and in what shape. And the final step is downright scary, as evidenced by some people on the BW boards. You go to a screen where there is a submit button that is greyed out if you haven't forked out the requisite bling. But, it seems that once you click on the credit card or whatever button, the submit button is enabled. So, you can actually submit before making the actual payment. Some guy actually did this and the option to pay the 200 bucks disappeared ! wow.

Fortunately, I went through the system smoothly. But, the payment deal is something else - it apparently takes two days to even confirm the online payment by credit card. jeehzuz. the current status on my app says submitted but everything else, including transcripts, test scores, payment as NO. And, according to my recommender she could not change her login information or some such, and then there was no way to know what the questions would be. There was a screen with a question that she had to answer and submit before she went to the next one and got the next question. boy, this thing sure needs to be upgraded to the 21st century.

anywho, I am relieved. I've actually re-read my essays and I can say that I didn't regret doing so.

i need to go off and get some serious sleep. the plan is to stop by Newbury Street to pick up a couple of gift cards to a fancy spa for the ladies.


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