Tuesday, November 30, 2004

chicago non-update

Just checked my Chicago status and it is still a mystery to me. There are people on BW whose status has turned to IC - In Committee - but I am still an R - Received. But, not sure what kind of received. They've got my money, that much the status tells me, but the rest of the stuff - transcripts, test scores, interview - are still at a No. Seems like the next step is for all of these to go Yes at some point, and then a week or so later the status changes to IC. What happens after that is still in the realm of the unknown.

Assuming that an application will not even be considered until all of the information has been bundled together and verified, which should really be as simple as printing the application since everything has been submitted online, I can safely say that my package is quite some ways from even getting in front of a reader. Slow, slow, slow.

Ah well, we are still in November and decision day is almost seven weeks away. So, no worries. I only wish there was more insight into how the process works. Then again, I may just be pampered by the way Wharton works :-)
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