Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Brothers Ambani

And now for the most ridiculous item of the day.

A fascinating battle is underway in India for control of the country's largest private sector company, Reliance Industries. The feud is between two brothers, Mukesh and Anil, who are sort-of equal partners in running the company founded by their late father, Dhirubhai. Seems like the elder brother is making moves to become the sole decision making authority and in the process sidelining his younger brother by, almost stealthily, stripping him of his powers. This is a very high stakes battle, and these guys are smart to boot - Mukesh is a Stanford MBA and Anil a Wharton alum. A google search should present all the gory details.

A side story that I find very silly is the involvement of all kinds of religious gurus in efforts to broker peace between the two. Sillier still is this snippet from an email sent by Anil Ambani to 80,000 employees today:

“Over the last week, I have visited our holy and revered temples at Shreenathji and Tirupati Balaji and prayed for peace and tranquility for all of us and for courage to preserve and enhance the glorious legacy of our beloved [founder] Dhirubhai Ambani."

I'm sorry, but the last thing I want to hear from my CEO is that he's off touring temples and churches praying for blah-di-dah for me.
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