Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Back to reality

now i have irrefutable proof that my stroke of good luck with the chicago deadline was just that - a stroke of good luck. things are normally destined to be otherwise when it comes to me.

i have my wharton interview in two days and i was going to drop off my suit at the dry cleaners' and i noticed something. over the weekend i accidentally let drop the cap of my car's fuel tank and it grazed my suit trousers and now it's left some wierd waxy kind of stain. i show up at the cleaners' and am told that it may not go away ! they are going to try their heroic best but i may be left suit-less come big day. actually, that should read good-suit-less. came back home and tried on my other suit and had to face up to the reality i'd been avoiding by storing it in the back of my cupboard - i need to lose a few pounds. so, the plan is thus. the cleaners close at 7 tomorrow and i need to get there before that to see if they could work their magic. If the answer is negative, there's a Men's Wearhouse in Cambridge that closes at 9:30. They have this charcoal grey suit that I think i'd look pretty dandy in ... but I digress. I really hope the stains go away.

the last time i interviwed at wharton, i drove all the way to campus. only, i had a little accident involving my backing into another car resulting in a broken taillight. and i discovered that i had packed two shirts, three pairs of socks, one neatly pressed suit, and no tie. had to stop at a friend's house in NJ to borrow one of his. i hope you get the drift.

another thing. i went to thank my recommender for her efforts with Chicago and she said that she can't help me with recommendations anymore. i didn't know what to say for a moment - turns out her laptop's dead and she'll have to return it and get a new one. she had all the work from last year and C on there. can things get any worse? i'm pretty sure they can, but for now i'm feeling pretty good about my snappy haircut.

oh, and that tail light - it's still not fixed. the current thinking is that i'll wait for my W decision before i do anything with it. i'd like my own things coming full circle thing to talk about someday ;-)
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