Wednesday, November 17, 2004

ah, kids will be kids

so, i walk over to the laundy place this evening before their closing time of 7 to pick up my shirts and suit trouser pair which was to have been de-stained. the guy who was at the counter yesterday was this kid of around 16 or so (or at least he looked that way) and he was there today too. that was good, because he recognized me and walked to the back of the store to get my stuff. after a few minutes i look inside and he's running all over the place trying to find my clothes. seemed like something was wrong. meanwhile, his dad (i think, it's a family joint kinda place) comes by and asks what the problem was. they go into a huddle and now the dad's looking all over the place. finally, he comes back and says that they are not done ! i'm thinkin' - this is not happening to me now. but it was. turns out, the kid forgot to tag the clothes yesterday so they didn't get around to servicing them until THIS evening.

it was such a beautiful moment. i actually started to laugh. the dad and the kid both looked at me strange and i had to explain the situation to them. a round of apologies followed and i have been promised that they will be done by noon tomorrow. for added assurance, the dad said that he remembers taking a look at the trousers and that the stains are definitely going to come off. all i'll say is i'll believe it when i see it.

i also need a lint remover for my jacket and i was going to pick one up when i did groceries today - but they didn't have any (surprise !) on my way back i walked past this store called Pet Shop Girls - it's a pet supplies place. on a lark i walked in and am now the proud owner of an Evercare Veterinarian Pet Hair Pic-Up adhesive roller, which I was assured will do the job. It also doesn't hurt that it is 37% stickier than the leading competitor !

i have been asked many times why i blog. it is really for days like these. to preserve the memories of incidents that seem like they were scripted for a movie. only, this is very real and i'd like to jot it down so i can have a hearty laugh when i look back many years from now.


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