Thursday, October 14, 2004

why me? why now? why always like this?

life is not fair man.

i was putting the final touches to my wharton app, and having filled in the final details, i stepped aside from the app for a few minutes before i submitted. stretched a bit, got some more coffee, and checked my email.

and there it was - a ding from London. yup, this was the official ding from last season, took 'em this long to send it out after considering me for an early admit for the 2007 class. i find it hard to describe how i felt. it was literally like being shot in the chest. not because i was expecting an admit or anything. not at all. that email brought back a flood of bad memories and broken dreams from last year just as i was about to submit the first of a new set of applications. i hope no one is that situation, ever. it was crushing. getting my kellogg ding minutes after i submitted wharton last year is still fresh in my memory.

but i am an optimist, if anything. if it had to happen, better before i submit my wharton app. i am now free of any association with last year's applications. it is a clean slate. we start anew.

Submitted wharton on time.


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