Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Wharton Raw and Uncut

that's how my essays are going to be. Have fun with them all you lucky adcom people. If you must, please recycle the paper they are printed on instead of throwing them into your fireplace ;-)

had a great time in the bay area over the long weekend. visited stanford friday, berkeley monday. a detailed post will find its way to this blog soon when i can find the time. the one consequence was that my W essays couldn't get into the form, or even shape in cases, that I wished they were in. no worries, i still got 46 hours ;-)

for now a few thank-you's are in order.

aregon, depack, dave, swoops & s.o.'s (where applicable) - it was great that you could make the trek out to palo alto friday night. it was neat to hook up with so many bloggers at once, and it was loads of fun. i really liked nola. for those going who-the-what-the, nola is a bar with a rockin' bourbon street vibe. it seems like a great place to celebrate. so, here's the deal - when we all get our admits a few months from now, i'll fly back to the left coast and we meet up again at nola, drinks on me.

the women of stanford (hmm, i don't think i've ever seen that phrase before :) who showed me around, and also let me peek into one of your rooms. wink-wink. awright, the wink-wink stuff was for effect. a special shout out to my very gracious host - thanks so much for taking the time.

chunkyPitbull, 'twas great to finally meet you buddy. i tell ya, and by ya i mean all the schools who didn't take up on his offer to go there last year, big mistake. oh wait ... he's a yankee so maybe it was a deserved fate ! just kidding. JUST KIDDING.

and last but not the least, if you thought Dave was a helpful kinda guy going by all the stuff he's put up on his blog for all the prospectives, go meet him. he changed his plans to drive me all the way to berkeley and back. it was awesome to hang out with him. Dave, mucho gracias for the california hospitality.

before i get back to reliving the story of my life - last minute essays and applications - i just want to wish everyone who's about to hit the Submit button on their R1 applications the very best of luck. having spent last night on a red-eye, i suppose i've earned a certain privilege to use corny travel metaphors. i wish all of us reach our destinations, but I can say from my experience last year, the journey itself is equally rewarding. there will most likely be tears and joy, increased heartbeats everytime you get a new email, days of self-doubt, and days where you feel like you've conquered the world. I must have experienced every shade of emotion known to me, and then some.

on that note, ladies and gents, fasten your seatbelts for take-off. here's to an interesting few months ahead.

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