Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Heads I win, Tails you lose

So, I flipped a coin. Well, not really a coin coin, but a kinda coin.

Berkeley or Stanford ? I am super stressed out right now from work-issues, boss-issues, redsox-issues, being-stood-up-issues, too-many-essays-issues and can not do full justice to two applications. After some serious thought over the weekend, which by the way went nowhere, I walked out of a rather stressful late evening meeting at work yesterday and decided that Berkeley gets to read my application first.

Why? I think I am more confident in my Berkeley application at this point. Of course, me being me, the essays aren't done and the transcripts have yet to be mailed, and a recommendation still sent in etc, but I just feel better applying to Haas. I think my visit to the left coast a few weeks ago played a part too. Of the two, I felt that Berkeley was more my kinda place than Palo Alto. Must be the bong shops and dirty streets [disclaimer : i'm 100% drug free, but have 0% issues if someone else chooses to indulge ;-)]

Having made the decision, I set out to their infosession last evening. I wasn't originally planning to go, but I'm glad I did. Nothing new in the way of information, given that I've been to an earlier presentation and visited campus, but it was good to meet alums, students and adcoms. Off now to mail my transcripts and work on one more essay.
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