Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bringing down the House that Ruth Built

This is un-f-ing-believable !!!

My beloved Red Sox are in the World Series !!!

I'm just back from driving around town honking, and walking around fenway park. there must have been thousands of people out celebrating tonight. it was unreal. fires, broken bottles, upturned bicycle racks, smashed storefront windows, even a bus shelter wasn't spared. but no arrests or injuries - the cops were out in full force and doing a great job controlling the crowds. for the most part, it was peaceful with shouts of 'lets go red sox' and 'four more wins' interspersed with the mandatory 'yankees suck'. oh, how long have we waited for this. i can only imagine how things will be when we actually win the World Series and forever bury the Curse of the Bambino. for most people out tonite though, the curse has already been broken with this win. to win the way they way did - the first ever team in MLB history to come back from a 0-3 deficit - is proof enough that this is indeed the year.

good things have happened. better things are yet to come.
we Believe.


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