Wednesday, September 15, 2004

NoseBleed. Brownies. NiceChair. Brownies. Brownies.

these were my thoughts for the first few minutes as I sat in the Stanford infosession last night. i was at work later than i expected and so couldn't make it to the Columbia one.

i don't know what it is, but i've had a case of sudden nosebleed exactly 4 times in the past few months. it happened both times i was in Huntsman. once in a theater on Broadway. and last night just before the stanford session started. wierd.

it was a good session. there was Derrick, suave as ever, and about 9 or so alums. It seemed like there were a LOT of non-profit folks among the alums. there was the usual presentation, nothing a-ha jumped out at me. everything's on the website.

the q&a section was interesting. these guys and gals really like their school, and they gave a lot of personal anecdotes from their time there in response to questions. i got a few stares when i asked derrick why he thought stanford has the perception of having an arrogant student body. a couple of alums referred to this when we were talking later too.

the real highlight of the evening was a question asked by a fellow applicant. this guy was sitting in front of me and he asked a question that i haven't heard addressed in any infosession, blog or conversation before. basically, his point was :

how does going to school and working in and leading teams and projects with the smartest people in the world prepare one to come back to the real world and work in and lead teams and projects with people who could, for the most part, be not considered that smart.

fascinating question. i, for one, would love to understand how it works. i would assume that MBA's develop a certain style of collaboration and leadership during their two years at b-school. how does one react when the type A's around them are replaced with B-teams ?


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